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On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 03:07:24PM +0100, Ariel Garcia wrote:
> > Default maxdistance is 3 seconds and from the logs it doesn't look
> > to me like it could be reached in just few hours.
> you mean the measurements are too bad to enable selecting a reference
> source faster than in several hours?

They seem too good to cause the sources to have a large skew and
quickly reach maxdistance when they are missing a larger number of new

> ("maxdistance 3s" roughly means that measurements with RTT > 3s are discarded 
> right?)

maxdistance is only related to the source selection. The maxdelay*
options are related only to the individual measurements. If we ignore
the skew and other sources of dispersion, a source which doesn't have
a measurement with better delay than 6 seconds would always fail the
maxdistance check. (distance = delay / 2 + dispersion)

Do you set any of the sources to offline (with chronyc)?

Offline sources are treated as unreachable and have some additional
requirements for selection.

It would probably help if we could see debug output from the time when
the sources cannot be selected.

Miroslav Lichvar

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