Re: [chrony-users] Tracking lost but server selected

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On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 12:59:39PM +0100, Ariel Garcia wrote:
> > Is there a message in the system log corresponding to the selection of
> >
> yes, right, it always prints
>     Can't synchronise: no selectable sources
> whenever it turns to "Ref time 1970" state

Ok, so it's not a problem with sources not agreeing with one another,
but rather they all become unfit for synchronization, e.g. having a
distance larger than maxdistance.

Default maxdistance is 3 seconds and from the logs it doesn't look
to me like it could be reached in just few hours.

Which chrony version are you running?

> Is there any parameter i could adjust, to make it less "sensitive" to the 
> (bad) network behaviour, like increasing  maxdelay ? (currently i have the 
> default value, 3s)
> As said above, i've seen RTT's of 2 seconds, but looking sporadically, they 
> may get even worse...

You could increase maxdelaydevratio to make the test C less sensitive.
A very large value like 1e6 will effectively disable it.

But that will most likely only make the clock less stable. If most of
the measurements have delay in tenths of a second, it's probably
better to stick to the rare measurements that have a delay below 0.1s.

> Would having less sources (4 intended) help in reaching majority?

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