Re: -EXT-Re: [chrony-users] Using symbolic network names in /etc/chrony.conf file?

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On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 06:36:26PM +0000, Parker, Michael D. wrote:
> BTW,  I have use this format in specifying network ranges in IPTABLES
> without a problem (EX:  -A INPUT -s mynetwork/16 -j ACCEPT where my network
> is defined in /etc/hosts) this type of syntax is a known quantity and
> the action is generally understood.  

Ok, so there is at least one program which accepts such syntax.
However, from the man page I have a feeling the mask was supposed to
work only with IP addresses.

[!] -s, --source address[/mask][,...]
      Source specification. Address can be either a  network  name,  a
      hostname,  a  network  IP  address  (with  /mask), or a plain IP
      address. Hostnames will be resolved once only, before  the  rule
      is  submitted  to  the  kernel.  Please note that specifying any
      name to be resolved with a remote query such as DNS is a  really
      bad idea.  The mask can be either an ipv4 network mask (for ipt‐

Miroslav Lichvar

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