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The first prerelease for chrony-3.2 is now available.

The sources can be downloaded here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
58f8b1b439f5d1a8084a2668b8284b25  chrony-3.2-pre1.tar.gz
7c58a02ae12bcb79c02317f21ba2b109c510d04b  chrony-3.2-pre1.tar.gz

Changes since version 3.1:

* Improve stability with NTP sources and reference clocks
* Improve support for NTP interleaved modes
* Control frequency of system clock on macOS 10.13 and later
* Set TAI-UTC offset of system clock with leapsectz directive
* Add support for new HW timestamping options added in Linux 4.13
* Add rxfilter option to hwtimestamp directive
* Add extpps option to PHC refclock to timestamp external PPS signal
* Add pps option to refclock directive to treat any refclock as PPS
* Add width option to refclock directive to filter wrong pulse edges
* Add -x option to disable control of system clock
* Add -l option to log to specified file instead of syslog
* Allow multiple command-line options to be specified together
* Allow starting without root privileges with -Q option
* Update seccomp filter for new glibc versions
* Dump history on exit by default with dumpdir directive
* Use hardening compiler options by default

Bug fixes
* Don't drop PHC samples with low-resolution system clock
* Ignore outliers in PHC tracking, RTC tracking, manual input
* Increase polling interval when peer is not responding
* Exit with error message when include directive fails
* Don't allow slash after hostname in allow/deny directive/command
* Try to connect to all addresses in chronyc before giving up

Miroslav Lichvar

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