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On 2/18/2016 11:36 PM, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
The solution is to compile chrony with PPS support (using the
timepps.h header) and use the PPS refclock instead of SOCK. gpsd would
just provide the NMEA timing as a SHM refclock with noselect option,
to which the PPS refclock would be locked as shown in the example in
the chrony manual. This would also be a good opportunity to switch to
a more recent chrony release, 1.24 was actually the first release with
support for reference clocks and there were some bugs fixed since

Okay, this makes sense as I had to recompile ntp to get it working with PPS.

1. Where do I find timepps.h? If I have to download it, where should it be placed?

2. Does timepps.h just have to be present or do I have to change it so it looks for GPIO 4?

3. What would be the correct way to configure chrony.conf to recognize PPS?

4. Other than stopping the chrony service before installing v2.3, are there any other steps that should be taken before updating?



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