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On 05/10/2015 10:25, Nuno Gonçalves wrote:
I didn't tought of the possibility of the RTC being in local time and
having a offline backward change, obviously.

For similiar reasons you have the possibility of the user changing the
timezone under another OS.

I don't think using the compile time is required, and would introduce
a compile dependent behavior, I would prefer to use a magic number.

We could:

- Check for a known wrong date (I would select 2015-01-01 for the
magic number, since there is no advantage of using any other in the
past). If RTC<2015-01-01<driftfile, restore from driftfile.
- Check that the RTC is more in the past than what can be accounted
for DST or Timezone changes. If RTC<driftfile-26h, restore from

I would prefer the second since it avoids using the 2015 magic number,
as we can find in the future RTC defaulting to 2020, for example.

Since I don't see any negative effect, I wouldn't create additional
maintainer complexity with another option.

Timezone changes don't (shouldn't!) change the time. Timezone settings (including DST offsets) are applied when generating a human-readable timestamp, but do not affect the actual clock.


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