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Askar Ibragimov schreef op 2015-07-12 16:23:
Hello, I would like to interact with Chrony from my own program via a network socket. Earlier I was doing so with NTPD. I need to know which time source Chrony is based (to detect if it uses my GPSD or not) and other information regarding its current precision and such - so I should be able to tell if I am running particular time source (such as name="PPS") and whether my clock is now precise to it or not.
I appreciate if a reference to such protocol could be share with me.

Hi Askar,

Wouldn't it be easier to use chronyc for that instead of communicating with the daemon directly? I think it shouldn't be too difficult to use popen() on e.g. 'chronyc sources' or 'chronyc tracking' and interpret its output.

Best regards,

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