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In looking at /var/log/tracking.log I see
   Date (UTC) Time     IP Address   St   Freq ppm   Skew ppm     Offset L Co  Offset sd Rem. corr.
2015-07-20 20:13:34       2     30.665      0.177 -3.530e-06 N  2  6.553e-05  1.151e-05

I am having trouble understanding the field 'Offset sd' and what i represents. It is consistently an order of magnitude greater in value than the 'Offset' field so I presume it is not the standard deviation of offset.

"chronyc tracking" displays a result for RMS Offset consistent with 'Last Offset' as seen here:

Reference ID    : (fleur.lan.seaviewsound.co.nz)
Stratum         : 2
Ref time (UTC)  : Mon Jul 20 20:20:34 2015
System time     : 0.000007302 seconds slow of NTP time
Last offset     : +0.000004646 seconds
RMS offset      : 0.000005560 seconds
Frequency       : 30.482 ppm fast
Residual freq   : +0.004 ppm
Skew            : 0.082 ppm
Root delay      : 0.000237 seconds
Root dispersion : 0.000094 seconds
Update interval : 16.2 seconds
Leap status     : Normal

Any help appreciated

Bryan Christianson

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