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On Tue, Apr 05, 2011 at 04:23:52PM +0100, Ed W wrote:
> > What config error causes chrony to die? The config file is parsed
> > before daemon(), but they are not treated as fatal, just warnings.
> > Should chrony abort if there are any?
> This does it:
> 	rtconutc
> 	rtcsync
> syslog says:
> Apr  5 15:14:11 localhost user.crit chronyd[3385]: Fatal error : rtcfile
> directive cannot be used with rtcsync

The check whether the rtcsync is enabled is done in the RTC module
initialization, which is after the daemon fork. There are similar
fatal errors, like invalid PPS or SOCK path, invalid bind address,

> > - revert "Consider offline sources unreachable", to work properly we'd
> >   need to never report unsynchronized status and include a maxdist
> >   check, like NTPv4 does
> This sounds very useful, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean?
> (Don't reply, just showing interest!)

It was a fix after 1.24, which I now see as incomplete, so I'll
revert it and try again after 1.25.

> > - include a hack I keep in Fedora to force name resolving until it
> >   succeeds (enabled by configure option), the problem is with
> >   /etc/resolv.conf filled on boot, before network is reachable, which
> >   makes getaddrinfo() return a permanent error instead of temporary.
> Yes, this would be *very* helpful.  I'm trying to get my embedded boot
> times down and I would like to start chrony as early as possible,
> without waiting for the network to come up.  Also I don't expect users
> to be connected most of the time, so I need to think about hard coding
> IP addresses (not ideal), and offline/online management

If you are in control of the boot process, you shouldn't need it. Just
make sure /etc/resolv.conf is empty until network is available.
NetworkManager doesn't empty the file after reboot, so when chrony is
started before network is ready, it will get a pernament resolving
error instead of temporary and drop the server name.

> If you wanted two other nice to have feature requests:
> 1) "include" directive in the config file so that the file can be split
> up for management (probably only useful to me to make updating server
> entries simple though, so not that desirable)

Ok, that shouldn't be hard.

> 2) lpj offset adjustment when re-reading tracking data...

Hm, I'm not sure chrony should know anything about clock sources and
their calibration. Is the lpj value available in /sys, or just dmesg?
I think this is better handled in the system scripts.

Miroslav Lichvar

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