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On Mon, Apr 04, 2011 at 03:15:52PM +0100, Ed W wrote:
> OK, so I have been playing with chrony 1.25-git now for a good few days.
>  I'm using it in an "embedded" development context, so it's getting
> rebooted regularly with somewhat varying configurations.  So far not
> noted anything that's should stop a release?

Thanks for the feedback.

> The only thing I have observed, but not compared yet with older
> versions, is that a config error causes chronyd to exit with status 0,
> yet subsequently die due to the config error.  I would suppose that it's
> due to the timing of the demonisation, it happening after config files
> are read?  I can work around it, but it slightly complicates startup
> scripts - might be nice to see if it's possible to demonise after the
> config file is parsed or mostly parsed?

What config error causes chrony to die? The config file is parsed
before daemon(), but they are not treated as fatal, just warnings.
Should chrony abort if there are any?

My current list of things to do before 1.25:
- revert "Consider offline sources unreachable", to work properly we'd
  need to never report unsynchronized status and include a maxdist
  check, like NTPv4 does
- include a hack I keep in Fedora to force name resolving until it
  succeeds (enabled by configure option), the problem is with
  /etc/resolv.conf filled on boot, before network is reachable, which
  makes getaddrinfo() return a permanent error instead of temporary.
- update documentation a bit

Miroslav Lichvar

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