Re: [chrony-users] using chronyd with gpsd, without PPS support

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Hi Miroslav,

> The -n option might be necessary to keep gpsd working even when there
> are no clients connected.


> (not sure what distro you are using, perhaps
> it can be set in /etc/sysconfig/gpsd)

Debian squeeze, so the options are in /etc/default/gpsd

> There don't seem to be any messages related to PPS in the log. Is the
> PPS wire connected to the DCD pin?

I suspect not, at least I looked for status changes on the output of
cat /proc/tty/driver/serial, and I see RTS|CTS|DTR|DSR|CD|RI solidly.

Anyway, it appears that SHM 0 is working:

chronyc> sources
210 Number of sources = 1
MS Name/IP address           Stratum Poll LastRx Last sample
#* GPS0                          0    3      4   +121us[ +146us] +/-  877us
chronyc> tracking
Reference ID    : (GPS0)
Stratum         : 1
Ref time (UTC)  : Mon Jan 17 13:38:00 2011
System time     : 0.000000168 seconds slow of NTP time
Frequency       : 11.714 ppm slow
Residual freq   : 0.068 ppm
Skew            : 18.101 ppm
Root delay      : 0.000000 seconds
Root dispersion : 0.001073 seconds


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