[chrony-users] Chrony 1.25-pre1 released

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Chrony 1.25-pre1, the first pre-release of version 1.25, is now

Download the tarball from the "Download" page at

Note that this is a beta release. We would like to see it tested as
widely as possible, but it may not be suitable for production use.

It includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

* Improve accuracy with NTP sources
* Improve accuracy with reference clocks
* Improve polling interval adjustment
* Improve stability with temporary asymmetric delays
* Improve source selection
* Add delayed server name resolving
* Add temperature compensation
* Add nanosecond slewing to Linux driver
* Add fallback drifts
* Add iburst, minstratum, maxdelaydevratio, polltarget,
  prefer, noselect options
* Add rtcsync directive to enable Linux 11-minute mode
* Add reselectdist, stratumweight, logbanner, maxclockerror directives
* Add -n option to not detach daemon from terminal
* Fix pidfile directive
* Fix name resolving with disabled IPv6 support
* Fix reloading sample histories with reference clocks
* Fix crash with auto_offline option
* Fix online command on auto_offline sources
* Fix file descriptor leaks
* Increase burst polling interval and stop on KoD RATE
* Set maxupdateskew to 1000 ppm by default
* Consider offline sources unreachable
* Require password for clients command
* Update drift file at most once per hour
* Reduce default chronyc timeout and make it configurable
* Avoid large values in chronyc sources and sourcestats output
* Add reselect command to force reselecting best source
* Add -m option to allow multiple commands on command line

Miroslav Lichvar

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