Re: [vhffs] new perl script to track perl modules dependencies

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Le Sun, 04 Mar 2007 23:08:08 +0100,
Alexandre Ghisoli <alexandre.ghisoli@xxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Hi ppl, 
> While working on the autotools version of vhffs (where you can use
> configure and friends), I've noticed that I cannot use anymore the
> perl modules dependencies test in current Makefile.
> So, there is a new perl file that could help tracking dependencies and
> auto-install them on the system, via perl CPAN or any user's provided
> command.
> The new script is quite different, it let you specify wich vhffs
> component you want to check, or the whole stuff.
> I've parsed all perl files to track dependencies, but I could missed
> few.
> Take a look and feel free to suggest / comment.

It sounds cool but the main supported distrib is debian, maybe we could
modify the script to support this distrib. As far as I understand, you
can specify a command but it will be called with the packagename as an
argument (apt-get install MIME::Lite) which won't work. Maybe we could
improve the existing hash : {component} -> {module} -> {distrib} ->
{package name (or command)}...

> Regards
> --Alexandre

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