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Hi ppl, 

While working on the autotools version of vhffs (where you can use
configure and friends), I've noticed that I cannot use anymore the perl
modules dependencies test in current Makefile.

So, there is a new perl file that could help tracking dependencies and
auto-install them on the system, via perl CPAN or any user's provided

The new script is quite different, it let you specify wich vhffs
component you want to check, or the whole stuff.

I've parsed all perl files to track dependencies, but I could missed

Here is the --usage content :

This program helps to detect perl modules and their versions
to be sure we can run VHFFS on this computer.

Options :
  --install     Will install missing dependencies (*not recommmended*)
  --install-cmd Specify a command for installing perl modules (see
  --verbose     Print all perl modules checked, not only the missings.
  --verify      A list of vhffs component to verify deps

  Supported vhffs components are :
    . api (default)
    . irc
    . jabber
    . listengine
    . panel
    . all (all of the above)

Installing dependencies :
Installing dependencies will be done with CPAN commands, if you are
using the --install argument.

You can add the --install-cmd="cmd", that let you specify a external
program for installing missing dependencies, this is recommended since
you can use your regular package management to take care of
dependencies. This program will be called with the missing perl module
as argument, or ir the string passed contain a '%s', will replace the "%
s" with the module name ebcore calling it.
Example :

On Gentoo with g-cpan : 
 ./vhffs-test-dependencies --verify=irc --install \
  --install-cmd="g-cpan -i %s"

On any Linux, using perl CPAN :
 ./vhffs-test-dependencies --verify=all --install

Take a look and feel free to suggest / comment.



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