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    Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 05:23:39 -0400
    From: Dave Vasilevsky <djvasi@xxxxxxxxx>
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 Subject: Re: [xmoto-news] X-Moto 0.3.0 is out
      To: xmoto-news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre

I'm busy creating the Mac build, got a few issues of varying importance:

* It seems xmoto is now using an application icon. On OS X this can
be displayed quite large (64x64 is common), which looks all pixelated
and replaces the old app icon I was using before (http://
vasi.dyndns.org:3128/files/ports/xmoto-icon.png). I don't mind
switching to this new icon if you want, but we must make it larger
and prettier first or all the artistic Mac users will laugh at us :-)

* The quickstart button isn't drawing correctly, it looks like this:
http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128/files/ports/xmoto-quickstart.png . I
haven't yet figured out why this is happening, but I'm working on it.

* xmoto isn't linking with gettext, fixed by this patch: http://

* The new TTF stuff isn't set up properly for OS X, fixed by this
patch: http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128/trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/

* I prefer to build from outside the source directory (since I need
to do three separate builds for the Mac binary). I made some changes
to make this work right, including:

	- Allow the Packager to be called like './xmoto -pack /path/to/
	- Get the svnversion from the source dir, not the build dir
	- Don't touch svn_version.cpp. Instead use an old-style phony
implicit target to force it to always be built.

Patch: http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128/trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/

I'll have a binary ready for you as soon as I get the quickstart
issue fixed and do a bit more testing.


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