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Dave Vasilevsky a écrit :
i'm behind a proxy, i cannot access your files.
I'll be free friday evening to fix all that.
Note that if you didn't get last levels recently, you could have your theme out
of date. Try to update your theme to see if it fixes the problem.

Yes, updating the levels fixed this. Is there a way to cause the theme to automatically update or something, so end-users don't have the same problem?

yes and no.
If you install xmoto for the first time, you'll get a theme file in xmoto.bin if after that you update the levels or themes, you'll get a theme file in ~/.xmoto if you wait a long time then get a new version of xmoto, new sprites will not be in the theme file of your ~/.xmoto ; take the xmoto.bin theme file would not solve the problem because some sprites are available only on the web then, to limit the problem, i add new sprites as soon as possible (as long as possible before the next version is release). then, people having this trouble are people who have not played xmoto from a long time and wanted to test a new version.


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