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i'm behind a proxy, i cannot access your files.
I'll be free friday evening to fix all that.
Note that if you didn't get last levels recently, you could have your theme out
of date. Try to update your theme to see if it fixes the problem.
(can you send me the files attached to my email personnally ?)


Quoting Dave Vasilevsky <djvasi@xxxxxxxxx>:

> I'm busy creating the Mac build, got a few issues of varying importance:
> * It seems xmoto is now using an application icon. On OS X this can
> be displayed quite large (64x64 is common), which looks all pixelated
> and replaces the old app icon I was using before (http://
> vasi.dyndns.org:3128/files/ports/xmoto-icon.png). I don't mind
> switching to this new icon if you want, but we must make it larger
> and prettier first or all the artistic Mac users will laugh at us :-)
> * The quickstart button isn't drawing correctly, it looks like this:
> http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128/files/ports/xmoto-quickstart.png . I
> haven't yet figured out why this is happening, but I'm working on it.
> * xmoto isn't linking with gettext, fixed by this patch: http://
> vasi.dyndns.org:3128/trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/patch/xmoto-
> intl.patch
> * The new TTF stuff isn't set up properly for OS X, fixed by this
> patch: http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128/trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/
> patch/xmoto-ttf.patch
> * I prefer to build from outside the source directory (since I need
> to do three separate builds for the Mac binary). I made some changes
> to make this work right, including:
> 	- Allow the Packager to be called like './xmoto -pack /path/to/
> xmoto.bin'
> 	- Get the svnversion from the source dir, not the build dir
> 	- Don't touch svn_version.cpp. Instead use an old-style phony
> implicit target to force it to always be built.
> Patch: http://vasi.dyndns.org:3128/trac/browser/xmoto/branches/manual/
> patch/xmoto-builddir.patch
> I'll have a binary ready for you as soon as I get the quickstart
> issue fixed and do a bit more testing.
> Dave

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