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@ Nicolas

First about the screenshots: I forgot which size they should have for the website. Do you still know?


I am working on your sprite stuff, but I am asking myself how to realize it best. If you want to use tubes that are more or less variable in width an height, I should make tilable gfx, but that again makes it hard to create some really nice looking stuff. I could also create bottom and top of tubes as a gfx segment, but then you would have to place it as a sprite exactly over a block with the same size.
Did you think about how to do it?
What especially do you want to have as sprites?


In the forum a guy gave a link to some music stuff. I didnt like what he linked directly, but on the website theres probably few nice stuff located. But I still dont want to listen to hours of synthesizer music.
Maybe you can also have a look at it.


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