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On 1/25/07, Kees Jongenburger <kees.jongenburger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I will need to ad alpha handling. and perhaps add an improved version
for square rendering.

If you do a simple "if alpha is below 50% don't render, if not
render", then it shouldn't be slowed down that much. Real alpha
blending will slow it down A LOT. :S

The speed varies with the rendered size.but it is adequate om my machine

Well, if the innermost loop is written in assembly, it will be twice
as fast I think :)
But unfortunately also twice as unportable. (I don't know how assembly
works on gcc).

Telling the compiler to do max. optimizations also improves the speed
a lot. (at least with vc++).

Rasmus Neckelmann

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