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transformations or anything. I don't know about SDL_gfx, but making
such a drawing function should be quite basic - interpolate the x
(screen) coordinate and the u,v (texture) coordinates over the edges
of the polygon, and then render the horizontal lines of the polygon
(with interpolated u,v coordinates). Nice thing about x-moto is that
no perspective correction or shading is required - i.e. it can be
implemented quite efficiently in plain c/c++ (even with no asm).
This will not work when the object is rotated like the wheels
and the width/height ration of the body is changed. or am I missing something?

My function  first creates the "full" texture to only later apply it
this i why I think I need to define the transformation the texture has
gone throu


Sub-pixel accuracy (or texture filtering) is probably not required
either, if it just has to be fast.

Actually I thought SDL_gfx provided such functions?

Rasmus Neckelmann

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