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Its not tazwok that depends on the icon. Its the html for that uses the icon.

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 9:41 AM, Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> @Pankso


> I'm looking at your new website theme. I like it. But i have a
> problem. You removed the wallpapers and cd-art icons stuff. Also you
> broke one of the icons in tazwok html code. Last thing we need is
> more things to break.

Shut... for new style :-) I will update all network in once with new

I dont think Tazwok should depend on a website icon!

> Even if its in history to new comers may think they don't exist. So i
> think we should make a slitaz-art repo. I only say this so it will be
> easier for archive dvd. This way we save on the website and put the
> wallpapers and cd-artwork in its own repo.

It's already planned, but not all clear in my mind because I want a
slitaz-art repo but I would like to let all artworkers commit to it
and have package for each theme. One other way to go is to have
artwork own package/format and juste let artworkers push to a download
area, but I think having theme under Hg and package management will be
easier for upgrade (artwork will update as regular packages)

I have a draff of a 'tazart' utility to help artworkers make SliTaz

> I hope you understand my reason for this. Its so I can put it easier
> on to the live source/mirror dvd and maybe even softlink to the
> wallpapers for use.

Yes I do :-)

- Christophe

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