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On Wed, 9 Feb 2011 02:00:52 -0600
Dennis Hodapp <thehodapp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Midori is still nearly 10 times smaller than Seamonky which is around
> 30MB :/
Erm Guys - Chrome needs to download about 18MB of stuff before it
can install itself properly - Firefox only requires about 7MB. What
size both expands to I can only guess. I use a handful of plugins with
Firefox to speed it up a bit - namely Fasterfox, Cookie Culler,
Noscript, DownloadThemAll, Adblock Plus and Flash Block. Browsing wise,
it's pretty fast now. It's just the initial loading of firefox that
takes a while unless one is already open, in which case the new
windows open near instantly. I have a pretty old system myself - a
950MHz PIII with 256MB of RAM and it runs pretty well. 

I Like Chrome, but because it doesn't support element hiding (why would
they want to hide their own bandwidth wasting google ads?), I tend not
to use it at all. Chrome also requires CUPS to be installed by default

SeaMonkey is also just a combination of both Firefox, Thunderbird and
several plugins. Some say using it is better because it uses less space
than both Firefox and Thunderbird separately, but I don't know.

From what I've seen with Midori is that we're actually using a newer
version of libgtkhtml than Ubuntu - maybe this and the lack of the
javascripting engine Ubuntu uses with Midori is what's causing Midori
to suck so much on SliTaz.

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