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Hi all,

SliTaz default browser is a long discussion from the begin of the
project. By switching from Firefox to Midori we saved ~5Mb in the core
ISO and so we was allways able to provide a wide range of applications.
Because the kernel have more and more drivers, Xorg and other new
dependencies we cant provide a full core ISO under 30Mb with Firefox.

Midori use webkit, all bugs related to website/javascript is more a
webkit issue than Midori itself. Webkit is also the engine for Chrome,
Arora and others and I think it is a usable alternative to Mozilla.
Webkit and Midori are improved every days and the version in cooking is
less buggy than the one in 3.0. I vote to let Midori a chance for 4.0.

That said, I was aware of Midori limitation, for that reason I did a
3.0 Firefox flavor at 29Mb, but with only Firefox and the minimal
packages needed to run it, no image editor, transmission, etc. Firefox
flavor will always be build for 4.0.

- Christophe

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