RE: What happened to tank ?

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if i take an overview of the problem

 everybody seem to be stressed a bit about new experimental and release to come.
all the energy that have been made since the beginning of slitaz to avoid split also means to lets go differents way to work.

the "do no harm" is a strong strategy but the risk takers are realy more productive.

the hardest thing to handle is to know WHEN its time for a strategy or an other.


p.s.: I hope my english words are the right ones .

> Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 00:49:44 +0300
> Subject: Re: What happened to tank ?
> From: devl547@xxxxxxxxx
> To: slitaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > So everyone: STOP UPDATING packages in wok and focus you energy on fixes
> > and writing doc..
> 1. We need to remove all complete, invalid or just too old issues in tracker.
> 2. We need a CLEAR plan what to do and when. On weekly basis, please.
> 3. And we MUST test everything before putting it to live servers.
> //I'm ready to help and have enough time. But I just need a plan to follow.
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