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> Most repos have been erased and bb interface is no more online.

I'm trying to setup a sandbox, making a chroot and building a toolchain
to eventually be able to build the first package on Tank, and that from
about 3 days now...

Yesterday I veven could use the sandbox (as explained in a private
mail), nothing could be done... so I thought I must recreate the
sandbox, chroot, etc and I removed the sandbox, but with the way things
works with new tools /home/slitaz is mounted into the sandbox so
everything have been removed (nearly, dont know why some dir are still

I think it show that new tools can be dangerous for the host and are
not ready for production. Did you see all trouble we had and we still
did'n build anything. I belive in new tools, but there seems not inuf
mature to used them on Tank.

Maybe you should have tools working only in a chroot, without being
installed on the main host. Now we need tazwok-experimental installed
on host to make things work. Before I just create a chroot and then
install build bot into it, tazwok/tazbb are not needed on host and I
just do symlink to have packages available from main host.

The BUG now for me is that I cant use original tazwok to build the wok
but must use tazwok-experimental due do to imcompatible receipt.

Now I will try to make a chroot as before (tazdev gen-chroot) and use
experimental to build package but without bootstraping the toolchain
and without any sandbox. Or you might have an other suggestion ?

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> GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

- Christophe

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