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On 3/8/10, Paul Issott <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rohit
>  I managed to mix/match your Xorg.conf with the nv driver and get
>  a working resolution (thanks). I've included my Xorg.conf also.
>  In a way, I'm really going to miss the 'tiny' Xvesa server.
>  It handled my 1400 x 900 (Nvidia card) resolution with ease
>  and it also made SliTaz different from the other distros.
>  Hopefully we can find a way to get Xorg working out of the box?

I confirm that this is a problem. My solution is to install the xvesa
package and edit slim.conf to point to the Xvesa server.

I may also note in passing that some other distros (I think Knoppix
and maybe even SuSE) use the Xvesa server with "unsupported" hardware.

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