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Hi all!

Here is an up to date recipe of fotoxx and printoxx. I include theses two
suggested packages for fotoxx, wich can also be used alone :

exiftool : command line tool to manipulate exif metadata of a lot of files
ufraw : command line and gui tool to import raw files from digital camera

ufraw need libgtkimageview-dev to compile and libgtkimageview to work, so I
add theses recipes in my mail.

All the stuff is in one archive with complete recipe, please tell me if you
prefer another format. 

ufraw can be used as line-command tool in fotoxx, but have it's own GUI.
Please note that compiling only the command-line part of this program is
possible but fotoxx don't recognize it anymore (it's probably a bug).

As ufraw can be used as a gimp plugin, I also add a recipe for gimp-dev
wich is needed and a recipe for the plugin. The plugin is a non-stand-alone
version of ufraw and contain the whole program.

As the plugin and the stand-alone version works separately but uses the
same locales, I put them in a separate suggested package ufraw-locales.

The compile order for ufraw is :
- libgtkimageview
- gimp-dev (need to recompile gimp entirely if there is no _pkg folder)
- ufraw

If you add theses packages to the main repo, I suggest to add the
gimp-plugin-ufraw as suggested package of gimp.

I've modified my /usr/bin/tazwok because it's needed to compile
gtkimageview. The problem I've encountered is that tazwok don't care to the
SOURCE variable of a WANTED package when it define $src and $_pkg
variables, so it can't find the files it will. This bug is a part of bug
#81 : I join a patch for tazwok wich
only correct this particular issue and should not create incompatibility
problems with others recipes (it's actually the case of the complete patch
for this bug)

Send me a mail if you want changes of infos.

Hope this help.

Go Khla Yeh.

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