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Un mot sur le format de iso (j'ai corrigé un bug du kernel lors du
chargement des rootfs empilé des meta-flavors, du genre :

The liveCD includes 3 different SliTaz flavors. One of two extra
flavors can be automaticaly selected by the boot loader for tiny RAM sizes.
A 32Mb machine can boot the LiveCD in RAM with a minimum SliTaz distro.

The ISO image is hydrid: it can be copied on a USB stick without formating

Si les flavors core et justx ne comprennent pas (trop) de fichiers/paquets
non inclus dans core, ca ne coûte que quelques centaines (dizaines ?) de


> I have just commited a first and imcomplet draft of the release notes
> for 3.0 and if we want to publish next week-end: help is needed to
> finish and translate the notes (yes we are late).
> The Xorg, UTF-8 and security paragraphs are missing. And in general
> feel free to edit, add, improve the notes (if you remenber all what have
> been done the past year...).
> The html page is in slitaz-doc repo:
> To get all needed file without cloning:
> - Christophe
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