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Hi Christophe,

>> So, if you haven't thought about it already, I'd suggest a top level
>> project called SliTaz that would be used for this where all general
>> issues can be entered.
> Done and called 'distro':


> I moved the roadmap from the community Wiki but how can we have a nice
> progress bar ?

Okay, looks like you figured this one out from your last e-mail.

> Thanks for the CSS. Favicon exit:
> but I can't find to code used to generate the index and add the link
> to the image...

Unfortunately, I think that the only way currently to add the favicon.ico is to
modify the app/views/layouts/base.rhtml file and add the following line to
the headers section:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" />

See for details.

>> Is there any help you need here, or are you all set?
> I suggest using the Labs Wiki for developers notes and complementary
> doc do the cookbook, this page must be imported:

Sure thing. Do you want this added to the distro project's wiki or
somewhere else?

> If you know how to modify the HTML code for the favicon and mybe add
> also SliTaz logo in the headers.

I'll need to play with the SliTaz logo a bit this weekend to make the CSS
look right. Have you already copied the standard Slitaz logo.png file to
public/themes/slitaz or somewhere else?

1. You've set background colors to #eaeaea instead of #eeeeee on a number
of elements so there are a few artifacts that really shouldn't exist.
If you change
your theme's CSS to use #eeeeee instead of #eaeaea it will make things more
consistent. If you'd like a screenshot to explain, let me know.

2. There is an issue with the #content div on the account/show page. See for an example of what
I saw when I first looked at This can be
fixed by adding 'overflow: auto;' to the #content section in the SliTaz theme's

> You are now admin in Redmine so you can have a look at what I have done.

Great, thank you. I had already noticed and have been poking around.

Looks good. Two questions:

1. I noticed you created a 'Tasks' issue type which is great. I've always done
the same but call it 'Task' to be consistent with 'Bug' and 'Feature'. Would
you mind this change?

2. Is there any way we could enable e-mail notification support? Just need to
copy and modify the config/email.yml.example file. I have found the e-mail
notifications very valuable.


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