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In slitaz diff is a link to busybox. It's not provided by diff-utils
packages and doesn't support "-" as filename for stdin.
The patch create a tmp file from stdin, do diff and delete the file.
Please find attached lzma and diff patches for 2.6.28 kernel.


> Salut Pascal et merci.
> Could you elaborate a bit more on 3) (the diff patch) I am not sure I
> understand that one.
> I have been able to build my own kernel (with the rt-patches) and some
> of the slitaz patches. So far I have excluded the lzma
> patches and that works fine as long as I only compress the kernel with
> gzip. I intend to include the lzma patches as well but it
> requires some work since I am basing my kernel on
> /Lars
> 2009/1/22  <pascal.bellard@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hello,
>> The package linux-source ( provides 4 patchs:
>> 1- linux-lzma-
>>   Add initramfs compressed with lzma support
>>   Without this patch, you must recompress rootfs.gz with gzip:
>>   $ lzma d rootfs.gz -so | gzip -9 > rootfs-gzipped.gz
>> 2- linux-utf8-
>>   Disable utf8 charset by default.
>>   Could by applied on many (future) linux versions.
>>   Without this patch non ascii characters should not be well displayed
>> in
>>   text mode only (doesn't affect X)
>> 3- linux-diff-
>>   if you are using 'busybox diff' (by default with slitaz)
>> 4- linux-rootdev.u
>>   Not really usefull. Set default root device.
>> -pascal
>>> I am going to build a kernel for slitaz that contains the rt (realtime
>>> patch). This process involves selecting a kernel version that has an
>>> associated rt-patch and is known to work well. The kernel version
>>> currently used in slitaz does not match that criteria so I have to
>>> base this kernel on another version. The "complication" for me now
>>> becomes what slitaz specific patches do I have to apply for this
>>> kernel to work well in the slitaz environment.
>>> The information I need to have is:
>>>    - For the patches that are currently applied to create the slitaz
>>> kernel
>>>       - what patches do have to be applied for slitaz to work at all
>>> and what do each of these patches do?
>>>       - what patches are applied for some specific function to work
>>> (still slitaz as such would work without it)?
>>>       - what patches are applied to provide some specific
>>> non-functional behavior (performance, security, ...)?
>>> I hope people in the community would be able to provide me with the
>>> requested information so that I can go about and make a kernel that is
>>> both rt and slitaz "conformant".
>>> Kind Regards
>>> Lars
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