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The package linux-source ( provides 4 patchs:

1- linux-lzma-
   Add initramfs compressed with lzma support
   Without this patch, you must recompress rootfs.gz with gzip:
   $ lzma d rootfs.gz -so | gzip -9 > rootfs-gzipped.gz

2- linux-utf8-
   Disable utf8 charset by default.
   Could by applied on many (future) linux versions.
   Without this patch non ascii characters should not be well displayed in
   text mode only (doesn't affect X)

3- linux-diff-
   if you are using 'busybox diff' (by default with slitaz)

4- linux-rootdev.u
   Not really usefull. Set default root device.


> I am going to build a kernel for slitaz that contains the rt (realtime
> patch). This process involves selecting a kernel version that has an
> associated rt-patch and is known to work well. The kernel version
> currently used in slitaz does not match that criteria so I have to
> base this kernel on another version. The "complication" for me now
> becomes what slitaz specific patches do I have to apply for this
> kernel to work well in the slitaz environment.
> The information I need to have is:
>    - For the patches that are currently applied to create the slitaz
> kernel
>       - what patches do have to be applied for slitaz to work at all
> and what do each of these patches do?
>       - what patches are applied for some specific function to work
> (still slitaz as such would work without it)?
>       - what patches are applied to provide some specific
> non-functional behavior (performance, security, ...)?
> I hope people in the community would be able to provide me with the
> requested information so that I can go about and make a kernel that is
> both rt and slitaz "conformant".
> Kind Regards
> Lars
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