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On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 6:15 AM, Eric Joseph-Alexandre <erjo@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 08:19:57 +0000
> "Chadi El Ahmad" <chadi.elahmad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi fellows!
> Hi,
> wow! Just playing!
> What, if you where working !
> The are in the wok:
> +Eric.

Thanks :D
Here are some comments about SliTaz, some are just details but others
seem to me important.


tazwok : the path $fs is not absolute, is there a reason to that?
in tazwok, function tazwok gen_package(), line 437:
replace it with: fs=$WOK/$PACKAGE/taz/$PACKAGE-$VERSION/fs ?

When installing bash, it asks if you want to link the busybox /bin/sh
to the newly installed /bin/bash. And then, tazx doesn't run properly
anymore because of tazdialog that gives back an error. It gets somehow
confused with the brackets and it doesn't like the command
substitution in tazdialog line 183: replacing status=$(............)
with status=`........` solves the problem.

03-Kernel modules
Add GPT support by default to the kernel? There are more and more mac
intel on the market. And the problem is that MBR only supports 4
primary partitions while GPT does not support extended partitions. The
first partition is reserved for the EFI, there are only 3 partitions
left. So if you already have Mac OS X, another distribution and
SliTaz, you're screwed, you can't use partitions for swap  /home and
neither access the GPT partitions of the other systems.
To do it, in the kernel configuration,
File Systems
   Partition Types
     [*] Advanced partition selection
     [*] EFI GUID Partition support (NEW)

I think we should add zlib and zlib-dev as dependancies to the
receipts of libpng and libpng-dev. And -lz to the linker. Actually, it
is needed when using png_create_read_struct() and thus without it the
png image loading would be disabled like in libsdl-image for example.
The errors given aren't clear, it took me some time to find out what
the problem was.

05-Memory leak
I've played the game pingus on other distributions and I noticed the
memory leak there too. And it seemed as if the system was somehow
protected, pingus couldn't get all the memory it wanted and the system
stayed always usable. But with SliTaz, pingus got all the memory, the
system got unusable and impossible to close pingus, I had to restart
the system. Is there anything that can be done here?

It is no more included in the last cooking, but it's still set in the
/etc/rcS.conf RUN_DAEMONS.

07-A Trash?
What about a trash? Right now, deleting a file is definitive... :(

Instead of asking the user to write manually what partition to use,
isn't it possible to display the list of the different partitions and
just ask him to select one?

Most of the time, the configuration scripts try to compile some test
little programs to check what's installed on the system depending on
whether the compilation succeeds or fails. So what about adding in the
receipts $name as a dependency to $name-dev?

Add mpg123 or/and ogg123 as dependances? Actually, Orpheus is just a
CLI, without mpg123 or ogg123, it can't do a thing. It's like
installing xine-ui without xine-lib. Actually, when you install
xine-ui on SliTaz, xine-lib is automatically installed.

It needs libxml, doesn't it ?

Receipt de xorg-libX11-dev, typing error, DEPENS instead of DEPENDS.

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