A bunch of receipts :)

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Hi fellows!

While playing around with SliTaz, I ended up compiling and installing
quite some progs. So here's the receipts, as I think they may be of
some use to others too. I was pretty careful when writing them and I
tested them seriously, but I would really appreciate some feedback.

gogglesmm: Goggles Music Manager, a very nice and lightweight music
manager that has a ui like iTunes and Rythmbox
kobodeluxe: Avery intertaining third person scrolling 2D shooter game,
I love it!
pingus: Excellent Lemmings-like game, I really love it! But be
careful, there's a huge memory leak (not just the SliTaz version)

iat: (Iso9660 Analyzer Tool) CL tool that converts many types of
CD-ROM image file formats and converting them into ISO-9660.

libsdl-image: An image file loading library with SDL
libsdl-image-dev: Dev files
libsdl-mixer: A multichannel sample and music mixer
libsdl-mixer-dev: Dev files

libfox: The FOX toolkit for programming UI
libfox-dev: Dev files
libfox-doc: The documentation and some source codes given as example
and their binaries
libfox-utils: Some utils that are compiled with it: image viewer, file
manager, scren shots, text editor, etc.

libtag: Library for reading and editing the meta-data of several
popular audio formats.
libtag-dev: Dev files

scons: A software construction tool."

Boost, that provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries,
compiled shared and static multithreaded libraries (only shared
libraries are compiled by default) :
- libboost-dev : the libraries that don't need to be compiled
seperately, they are headers with inline functions
- libboost-date_time
- libboost-date_time-dev
- libboost-filesystem
- libboost-filesystem-dev
- libboost-graph
- libboost-graph-dev
- libboost-iostreams
- libboost-iostreams-dev
- libboost-program_options
- libboost-program_options-dev
- libboost-python
- libboost-python-dev
- libboost-regex
- libboost-regex-dev
- libboost-serialization
- libboost-serialization-dev
- libboost-signal
- libboost-signal-dev
- libboost-system
- libboost-system-dev
- libboost-test
- libboost-test-dev
- libboost-thread
- libboost-thread-dev
- libboost-wave
- libboost-wave-dev

Chadi El Ahmad

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