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I've just added 4 new receipts in the wok, and need a little help on these:

- bozohttpd: doesn't want to go in the right place (the binary ends up in
$fs/usr and not $fs/usr/bin, I don't know why), otherwise looks OK

- haserl: two versions of the package: without lua support (20ko) or with
lua support (140ko). But it can't get them to adopt different names from
each other for the executable and for the package name (to avoid

- o3read: package looks OK. I planned to write a short "ODFbox" tool using
it, but I'll wait to see if Busybox's unzip - which I use to extract the
content from an ODF file - will be fixed in a future version (it keeps
complaining about a bad magic number). Otherwise I will use the
full-featured unzip.

Oh, and maybe you'll want to check out VL-hot / vxmount (
http://code.google.com/p/vxmount/ ) from VectorLinux. It allows to
automount many kinds of devices without using HAL, only udev. I didn't
find the sources, but udev rules are in the package, maybe we could use
them for udev/mdev.


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