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On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:41:15 +0200 (CEST)
"MilkaJinka" <milka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,

> I've just added 4 new receipts in the wok, and need a little help on these:
> - bozohttpd: doesn't want to go in the right place (the binary ends up in
> $fs/usr and not $fs/usr/bin, I don't know why), otherwise looks OK

> - haserl: two versions of the package: without lua support (20ko) or with
> lua support (140ko). But it can't get them to adopt different names from
> each other for the executable and for the package name (to avoid
> owerwriting)
For me is not chocking.
For the the receipt you can have:

If necessary redifine $src and $_pkg.

For the binary try to rename: 	cp -a $_pkg/usr/bin/haserl  $fs/usr/bin/$PACKAGE

> - o3read: package looks OK. I planned to write a short "ODFbox" tool using
> it, but I'll wait to see if Busybox's unzip - which I use to extract the
> content from an ODF file - will be fixed in a future version (it keeps
> complaining about a bad magic number). Otherwise I will use the
> full-featured unzip.
I think you can use the full-featured unzip.
Have you report the bug to Busybox developper Team ? 
> Oh, and maybe you'll want to check out VL-hot / vxmount (
> ) from VectorLinux. It allows to
> automount many kinds of devices without using HAL, only udev. I didn't
> find the sources, but udev rules are in the package, maybe we could use
> them for udev/mdev.
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> MilkaJinka
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