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> a somehwat corrected version.
> i tried actually compiling the pacakge, and it seems it will also
> need the package "libtool". also couple of other minor corrections.

This package archive have a fancy name (pkg_2.XX) but the directory is
name is standard, so we need to modify TARBALL and rename the source
tree with mv. I also add --sbindir=/sbin to install mkfs.xfs in /sbin
like mkfs.ext3.

I can imagine that using Mercurial and push the receipt your self in
the repo is a bit to much for a noob. So I suggest you maintain the
package and send updated receipt on the list when a new version is
available upstream. For now, I will push the package for you, if one
day you want to write access to the repos, please just ask.

Before the xfsprogs goes in the packages repository, it would be a good
thing to test it (corrected receipt is attached):

# wget \
# tazpkg install xfsprogs-2.9.8-1.tazpkg

- Christophe

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