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thanks a bunch.
can't believe it worked!
gparted recognizes and willing to work with my other XFS partition,
so i am assuming it will work.
i will make another partition and try to see if it actually builds an xfs fs, though.

yes, not familiar with mercurial, but i think i can learn ...?
will let ask for permission once i have.
again, thanks a lot.

|> a somehwat corrected version.
|> i tried actually compiling the pacakge, and it seems it will also
|> need the package "libtool". also couple of other minor corrections.
|This package archive have a fancy name (pkg_2.XX) but the directory is
|name is standard, so we need to modify TARBALL and rename the source
|tree with mv. I also add --sbindir=/sbin to install mkfs.xfs in /sbin
|like mkfs.ext3.
|I can imagine that using Mercurial and push the receipt your self in
|the repo is a bit to much for a noob. So I suggest you maintain the
|package and send updated receipt on the list when a new version is
|available upstream. For now, I will push the package for you, if one
|day you want to write access to the repos, please just ask.
|Before the xfsprogs goes in the packages repository, it would be a good
|thing to test it (corrected receipt is attached):
|# wget \
|# tazpkg install xfsprogs-2.9.8-1.tazpkg
|- Christophe

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