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Tuxfamily is a great great hosting platform. Far from my mind to mean the 
I'm implied in the team of toile-libre so it was the occasion to put discretly 
the name in the conversation. By the way, we already proposed to pankso few 
months ago to host slitaz but the discussion not led anywhere.

Well, about the irc channel, it exists, even if it is not really popular (I 
mean not many users, about 3-4 users in general)
You're welcome
Have a good night

PS: excuse my english !

Le lundi 2 juin 2008 00:11:07 Russell Dickenson, vous avez écrit :
> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 8:02 AM, Julien Rabier <julien.rabier@xxxxxxxxx> 
> > It seems that it's time to make some ads :
> >          aka free web (free as in free software)
> > A french hosting platform which is very very good.
> Julien,
> The only problem I see there is that the site appears to be in French.
>  Since English is "the language of love", surely a site in the English
> language would be better suited to SliTaz?  :P
> Seriously, a project I'm associated with uses Tux Family but I don't
> mind where and how SliTaz is hosted.  My thoughts on having someone
> else host it - for free - is that it reduces the cost (assuming
> someone's paying to host SliTaz now), also that it allows them to
> focus on the distribution itself, not hosting.
> On a different topic altogether, I'd like to see a SliTaz IRC channel.
>  I'll perhaps put this (also) in a separate email message.
> Russell Dickenson
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