New toolchain, kernel split and wifi

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The new toolchain for the Cooking version is now ready for uplaod on
the mirror, this is an important part of the OS, all packages are
rebuild with the toolchain.

Packages are: binutils-2.17.50, gcc-4.2.3 and glibc-2.7

Upgrade should go smartly. Glibc is realy an important package this
version as got many new features and better locale support. Language
support as been improved, glibc-locale can install all needed files for
all supported languages and packages such as 'locale-es' will set the 
system to Spanish for example. To upgarde:

 # tazpkg recharge
 # tazpkg upgrade

If emelfm2 have a fancy interface after upgrade, just remove your
config file and restart it:

 $ rm ~/.config/emelfm2/*

The kernel as also be modified (Wireless support is present) and splited
in a few packages by Pascal. The Wireless tools as been packaged by
Eric. To install the new kernel and wireless support:

 # tazpkg get-install linux --forced
 # tazpkg get-install linux-wireless
 # tazpkg get-install wireless_tools

If you have a PCMCIA card, you need at least: modprobe yenta_socket or
add yenta_socket in the variable LOAD_MODULE of /etc/rcS.conf. After a
new Kernel installation, you should reboot.

Please report your cooking system upgrade success or issues...

- Christophe

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