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> The new toolchain for the Cooking version is now ready for uplaod on
> the mirror, this is an important part of the OS, all packages are
> rebuild with the toolchain.
> Packages are: binutils-2.17.50, gcc-4.2.3 and glibc-2.7
> Upgrade should go smartly. Glibc is realy an important package this
> version as got many new features and better locale support. Language
> support as been improved, glibc-locale can install all needed files for
> all supported languages and packages such as 'locale-es' will set the
> system to Spanish for example. To upgarde:
>  # tazpkg recharge
>  # tazpkg upgrade
> Please report your cooking system upgrade success or issues...

J'ai fait. J'ai cassé. Tazpkg upgrade met à jour les paquets les uns
après les autres.
Quand c'est le tour de busybox, c'est la cata: on install une busybox
qui a besion de glibc-2.7, que l'on a pas encore installé. System dead.

Il faudrait temporairement avoir les 2 versions...


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