Re: [Sawfish] Compile failure with new gcc 10.0.1-0.7 in Fedora 32

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On 2.2.2020 23.09, Kim B. Heino wrote:
I see those six (without Q) are DEFSYMed in two files, and only those
six. I simply tried to remove duplicate DEFSYM lines, but that resulted
undefined str_left error. Is there some extern I'm missing, or how does
that DEFSYM() work?

DEFSYM(foo_bar, "foo-bar") essentially expands to repv Qfoo_bar; static const rep_string str_foo_bar = <"foo-bar" converted to rep_string>. rep_INTERN(foo_bar) initialises Qfoo_bar to the symbol corresponding to str_foo_bar, creating it if necessary.

As it turned out that the clashing symbols were not actually used in multiple translation units, removing the unnecessary definitions and initialisations is the simplest fix. Please also arrange the declarations in src/sawfish_subrs.h accordingly.

	Timo Korvola

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