[Sawfish] Compile failure with new gcc 10.0.1-0.7 in Fedora 32

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There was some "multiple definition of" errors when trying to compile
Sawfish for upcoming Fedora 32. More specific, Qleft, Qright, Qtop,
Qbottom, Qroot and Qcenter are defined multiple times.

I see those six (without Q) are DEFSYMed in two files, and only those
six. I simply tried to remove duplicate DEFSYM lines, but that resulted
undefined str_left error. Is there some extern I'm missing, or how does
that DEFSYM() work?

Any help? I still love and use Sawfish, although there has been no
commits in Sawfish github repo for last two years. Sawfish will be
dropped from Fedora unless I can get it compiled.

See build error log in:


Sawfish ML

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