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aaa@xxxxxxxxxxx (2018-12-06 at 0801.05 +0000):
> I'm running sawfish on Fedora (currently 29) with KDE. There are (annoyingly) 
> a couple of KDE configuration options that aren't in the KDE system settings 
> application, but are only accessible via the root window menu or via qdbus 
> scripting. While running sawfish, though, the root window menu for sawfish 
> comes up instead of the KDE root window menu. Anyone got a solution? Would it 
> be possible to add an option to the sawfish root window menu to access the 
> kde root window menu, for example?

I can imagine a few. One would be creating entries for the qdbus
commands in the sawfish menu. Or maybe a launcher of the KDE menu, if
that is possible. Or the other way around, add a sawfish-client
command to the KDE menu (assuming you can modify it) that launches SF
menu. Other would be binding sawfish menu to something different
(different button, or button plus modifier) so you can access both as

For example, figure the proper qdbus commands and create a submenu
with them, then add it to the root-menu.

(defvar kde-qdbus-menu
  `((,(_ "Foo") (system "qdbus-foo &"))
    (,(_ "Bar") (system "qdbus-bar &"))

(setq root-menu
        `(() ; Separator line, optional, remove () if unwanted
          ("KDE things" . kde-qdbus-menu))))

Or add the launcher for the KDE menu.

(setq root-menu
          ("Launch KDE menu" (system "qdbus-launch-menu &"))))

You will have to figure the proper qdbus-* (as shell scripts, or
replace here with longer commands "qdbus blah blah &"). Putting the
new thing at the top is easy, just swap items in the append. If you
want to insert the new thing in the middle, it would be a bit more

Hope this helps,

Sawfish ML

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