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That *might* (big one, I'm just guessing) a limitation of GTK+ which is
used to create to the popup menu. I'm not sure whether GTK+ supports
such key bindings inside their popup menus. You should check that out

On Sun, 09 Dec 2018 13:51:56 +0100 (CET)
Petter Gustad <sawfish@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is it possible to customize the key binding in the popup menus?
> I've written this function which I'm using to popup a menu of window
> names of certain types:
> (defun popup-menu-of (pred)
>   "make popup windows of a certain type"
>   (popup-menu 
>    (mapcar #'(lambda (w) 
>                (list (window-name w) 
>                      (lambda () 
>                        (uniconify-window w)
>                        (x-raise-window w)
>                        (set-input-focus w))))
>            (filter pred (managed-windows)))))
> I can then use the arrow keys to select the entry I want.
> But I would like to use C-n and C-p rather than the arrow keys. How
> can I bind different keys to the popup-menu?
> Thanks!
> Best regards
> //Petter

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