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Jeremy Smith <jeremy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Greetings I hope this list is still alive and that work is still being
> done on sawfish. I have been using it for over a decade as my window
> manager (and desktop manager for that matter) on various systems.

Me too!

> In regards to using it on multiple systems, I am attempting to
> accomplish the following:
> * Have a global config file that contains configuration that can be
> applied to all of my computers running sawfish. This file will be
> exactly the same across all systems and will only contain the
> configuration that is the same across all systems.

I use "vcsh" (+myrepo) and a self hosted Git server (gogs/gitea) for
managing "dot files" like this on multiple hosts/accounts.

> * Have a local config file for system-specific configurations that is
> applied after the global config. This file will be different on each
> system and will only contain system-specific configuration.

You could create system-specific configuration in a rep file named by
the output of the rep function (system-name) and then load that file
from the file holding global code based on calling (system-name).

These system-specific files can also be managed/distributed all together
via "vcsh".  The "other" systems' files will exist on each system but
they will be just vestigial.

> While this seems to work for things like menus and
> custom-set-typed-variable commands, I quickly discovered that I can't
> put "custom-set-keymap" commands in external lisp files, only in the
> "~/.sawfish/custom" file. sawfish will fails parse the rc file.
> Is there a reason why I can't use "custom-set-keymap" commands in
> external lisp files? Or is there a way around this limitation? if I
> could do this, I would be able to accomplish everything I want...

I don't know, but I guess the rc files are getting loaded before the
"(defcustom keymap ...)" is called so no custom-set-keymap is yet

Maybe you can directly call bind-keys on 'global-keymap?


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