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Greetings I hope this list is still alive and that work is still being done on sawfish. I have been using it for over a decade as my window manager (and desktop manager for that matter) on various systems.

In regards to using it on multiple systems, I am attempting to accomplish the following:

* Have a global config file that contains configuration that can be applied to all of my computers running sawfish. This file will be exactly the same across all systems and will only contain the configuration that is the same across all systems.

* Have a local config file for system-specific configurations that is applied after the global config. This file will be different on each system and will only contain system-specific configuration.

For example, I want my theme settings the same on all systems and most of my keyboard keymaps. But I have custom menus that are different on different systems and have additional keymaps that I wan to apply on other systems (e.g. with additional buttons on the keyboard).

I tried the following:

1. Remove the "custom-set-keymap" entries from my "~/.sawfish/custom" file

2. In my ~/.sawfish/rc file, use:

;; Global keymaps
(require 'keymap-generic)

;; Local keymaps
(require 'keymap-local)

;; Other Global config
(require 'other-generic)

;; Other Local config
(require 'other-local)

And then in the corresponding lisp files, place the configuration.

While this seems to work for things like menus and custom-set-typed-variable commands, I quickly discovered that I can't put "custom-set-keymap"  commands in external lisp files, only in the "~/.sawfish/custom" file. sawfish will fails parse the rc file.

Is there a reason why I can't use "custom-set-keymap"  commands in external lisp files? Or is there a way around this limitation? if I could do this, I would be able to accomplish everything I want...

Thank you


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