[Sawfish] [Bug 1405320] New: non-deterministic sawfish' s flip-viewport while moving a window to screen edge

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Following bug was just opened. I can confirm it on my 6 x 1 workspace
setup (not viewport) by moving any window to screen edge. Edge action
is configured as flip-workspace when moving a window. Dbus/terminator
works fine, this can be confirmed with any window.

Any ideas or bugfixes?



            Bug ID: 1405320
           Summary: non-deterministic sawfish's flip-viewport while
            moving a window to screen edge
           Product: Fedora
           Version: 25
         Component: sawfish

Description of problem:

I'm using sawfish window manager configured with a 4 * 4 viewport grid,
and have enabled flip-viewport both when moving the mouse as well as
when moving a window to all four screen edges. After upgrading from
Fedora 22 to Fedora 25 via dnf upgrade, moving a window across the
edges results to transitioning to a non-deterministic viewport, i.e.,
moving a window to the right edge of viewport (0, 0) might cause a
transition to any of the vieports (1, 0), (2, 0), or (3, 0) (instead of
always transitioning to (1,0)). flip-viewport works ok when just moving
the mouse to a screen edge. I have disabled wayland
in /etc/gdm/custom.conf (though I don't think that sawfish is
wayland-enabled, anyway). I also have a feeling that d-bus is not
working correctly, as I had to disable Dbus server on terminator
terminals, since opening one would move focus to a random viewport
(though the terminal would be opened on the requested viewport). Also,
on the sawfish rootmenu (middle mouse click) terminator appears on the
window list with a blank group name, though this is minor and possibly

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

sawfish: 1.12.0-1.fc25.x86_64

How reproducible:

Every time.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. On sawfish, configure a 4 * 4 viewport grid and enable flip-viewport
for all edge actions.
2. Open any application window.
3. Select it with the mouse and move it to any of the four window edges.

Actual results:

flip-viewport will transition to a random viewport.

Expected results:

flip-viewport should transition to the neighboring viewport.

Additional info:

Sawfish ML

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