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Sawfish works properly with your settings. The code auto-raise was
disable bevor sawfish 1.11 and reenable in 1.11. Disable auto-raise and
you have the settings from 1.9.


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On Wed, 7 Jan 2015 03:54:09 -0600
wrote Trevor Cordes <trevor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Hi, I just upgraded to Fedora 21 which has the wonderful sawfish 1.11.
>Everything is super awesome so far, but I had one little issue.  I have
>the following binding:
>context: border keymap
>Button3-Off: Lower window
>I use click-to-focus.  This has always worked for me for like 10 years
>of using sawfish/sawmill.  (I got hooked on this binding from 90's era
>xterminal days, then CDE and then sawfish.)
>With the 1.11 in F21 it started being buggy.  The window would lower
>but about 1/2 a second later would re-raise and focus!  Very annoying.
>Stranger still, if I immediately right-clicked on it again it would
>lower and stay that way.
>I played around with sawfish-config options and found that by
>unchecking Focus - Auto-Raise the bug would go away.
>Maybe one wouldn't consider this a bug.  But if it isn't a bug now, it
>was a bug with sawfish 1.9 I used in F19!  Maybe some thought should be
>given as to what the correct behavior for that binding is.  I'm
>probably the only one left in the world with a strange click-to-lower
>binding like that, so I can certainly live with this little
>workaround.  I don't see any issues so far with having auto-raise
>disabled (since I don't use mousein-to-focus).
>Keep up the good work.  Sawfish is by far the best wm out there for

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