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Hi Daniel,

hmm... currently there are mostly mid/long-time-tasks that are most required.

the most important would be: gtk+3 bindings (and bindings to anything else) could be implemented if rep had some FFI-based (foreign functions interface) wrapper to access those functions and create a binding, for GNOME/GTK+-related stuff GI (GObject Intropsection) could be an alternative (rep-gtk is more relevant than rep-qt or rep-whatever).

this is usually the point there someone states what lisp/scheme XYZ already has that kind of wrapper or has bindings readily available already ;)

another thing (more easy) I couldn't find the time: merging mmc's "Sawfish-MMC" into Sawfish. Latest -mmc was rebased for 1.6, so it shouldn't be all-to-hard, but very time-consuming. See:

other not-so-important stuff:
- use XCB (or is this already outdated again? but I (still) doubt wayland will hit big time) [sawfish]
- better debugging facilities/more robustness [librep]
- sawfish can only use imlib1, but rasterman has brought imlib2 for ages [sawfish]

alternatively one could grep for XXX in the source to find cludges/possible things to fix.


Am 2013-01-09 23:40, schrieb dmg:

I certainly appreciate the work you have done on sawfish.

Do you have a list of tasks that need to be done so we can try to help?


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