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On Sun, 20 Jan 2013 14:40:40 +0100
wrote Zenlima <post@xxxxxxxxxx>:

>Thanks a lot for your effort - its helped a lot! :-)
>Without any composition is works great (exept a short flicker in the
>corners when changing the focus). But once composition is working (I am
>using compton) the refreshing is often missing or half done. I also
>watched this behavior witht he flexible title length. 
>Can that refresh be forced for focus change and title width changes, so
>that it also works properly in composition mode?

I have no problems here. It works perfect on my gentoo with compton
from git, but i have replace "reframe-window" with rebuild-frame in your
theme.jl, maybe it fix the short flicker, but need more testing.

I have compto started with "compton -cC -f" and use my module for
sawfish from here:
It runs without errors.


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